Top 5 Shopify Apps to Help You Build, Manage in 2022

1. Change Commerce

Top 5 Shopify Apps to Help You Build, Manage in 2022

Change Commerce is a donation app that lets guests give to a cause, directly from your store. It was a Shopify Staff Pick in 2019 and 2020 and it supports over1.5 M unique nonprofits. You can place your donation request contrivance on a product runner, a shopping wain, or at checkout. However, Change Commerce manages the entire donation process, giving you the occasion to produce a positive impact with little trouble, If a client decides to contribute.

2. Easy Digital Products

Top 5 Shopify Apps to Help You Build, Manage in 2022

Easy Digital Products is a great free Shopify app to increase deals for infopreneurs, allowing you to vend digital products fluently in your store. You can attach any lines to your products or variants, upload them presto, and track all orders in the app. Simply customize the interface, buttons, and textbook with one click.

Still, you can import your own license keys or have the app induce unique bones for each order, If you’re an Easy Digital Products stoner.

3. Pre-Order Alpha

Top 5 Shopify Apps to Help You Build, Manage in 2022

Pre-Order Nascence provides a fast and flexible way to vendor-order, out-of-stock, and coming- soon products in your store. using pre-Order Alpha, you can punctuate-order products with customized lists, address-Order Now buttons to your product runner, and automatically tag pre-order particulars in your admin, so you can stay systematized and keep track of everything.

Setup takes five twinkles, and there’s an excellent specialized support platoon to help you out along the way.

4. Friendly Accessibility Tools

Top 5 Shopify Apps to Help You Build, Manage in 2022

Everyone who shops online does it else. We use different biases and make opinions at our own pace. Some of us may have difficulty reading textbooks or using a mouse. Others may have color-blindness and not be suitable to distinguish certain tones. Either way, you want to produce a store that’s accessible to everyone. The Friendly Availability Tools plugin can help you do that.

With Friendly Availability Tools, you can fluently acclimate settings like contrasts, readable sources, textbook size, and more, so anyone shopping in your store can navigate it fluently. All you have to do is add this free Shopify app and enable the features you want. Changes will be in your store in real-time.

5. Shopify Email

Still, Shopify Dispatch is a great marketing app for erecting a dispatch list and managing your juggernauts, if you want to promote your business with dispatch.

With Shopify Dispatch, you can shoot ingrained emails to subscribers from your Shopify admin dashboard in just many clicks. The app has a variety of pre-made templates that pull your totem, product images, descriptions, and more from your store. You can also customize the textbook and buttons in twinkles.
Simply import your contact lists into Shopify. Produce and shoot your juggernauts, also track results like opens, clicks, add to wagons, and purchases to further optimize your client accession and retention juggernauts. You get emails for free each month also pay only$ 1 for every email you shoot after that.

5. Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Shopify online store and strive for success but there is something bothering me all the time after the customer placed their orders a lot of after-sales questions follow search. where is my order when can I receive my order. so I had to get busy with customer service all day losing a lot of valuable time this was getting stressful and I couldn’t focus on my business anymore. I found the parcel panel and now everything has changed after a simple installation customers can now easily track their orders by themselves they just input the order number and email or tracking number on my store tracking page. and get answers to all their questions parcel panel offers a branded tracking page for my store that helps me reduce customer service.

so I can focus on more important things it displays complete tracking info with estimated delivery time so my customers know when to expect their orders instead of asking me custom order status is plate tracking info before the order has not even been fulfilled product recommendations customer will see recommended products based on their order items. so more marketing opportunities follow plus there are many other benefits like graphic analysis user-friendly interface additionally parcel panel 100% fits my store theme. its adaptive interface maintains excellent performance between different devices parcel panel is the best app for tracking produced customer service and boosting my sales. get started with the free plan to provide a better post-purchase experience now.

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