How to setup VP: Low Stock – Restock Alert

VP: Low Stock – Restock Alert helps you turn your customers back to your store by sending emails to your customers when your products are out of stock.

Step 1: Active app snippets

Go Theme setting page by clicking Theme in left navigation. Then select Active app snippets.

Active stock snippets

Step 2: Setup widget design

Go Widgets, you can customize popup design with live preview

Low stock widget design

Step 3: Setup email design

Go Emails, you can customize email design with live preview

Low stock email design

Step 4: Setup policy alert

Go Alert Policy, you must Enable send email notification and set your threshold

Low stock alert policy

Step 5: Notification Scenario

1. When your product is unavailable.

When your product is unavailable.

When your product is unavailable, your product page will automatically show a notification popup window.

Widget Sold out

Customers can click the button Notify when available, then enter the email to receive a notification when your product is available.

Notify when available

You can also view the customer request emails.

Notification list

2. When your product is available

Product available

When your product is available, your customers will receive a notification of a new product. They can buy now by clicking the Buy it now button.

Buy it now when product is restocked

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