How to setup VP: Spin To Win app on Shopify

With VP: Spin To Win app, we can make a smart way to grow your email list and boost sales. Here is how to setup this app on Shopify store.

Step 1: Active app snippets

Go to Theme setting page by click Theme in left navigation. You can see selection box in the right side of your screen.

Then select Active to publish our app snippets to your theme.

Active spin to win app snippets

Step 2: Setup prizes

Go to Prize setting page by click Slices in left navigation. By default, app will show 12 slices of the wheel. You must fill all this prizes.


  • Unique: App will create a unique coupon automatically for each customer.
  • Gravity number: Help you setup percentage of prize
Spin to win prize

Step 3: Check Spin To Win popup on your store

Now, go to your store. You can see a trigger button:

Spin to win trigger

When you click this trigger, the spin to win popup will display.

Spin to win popup display

If you have any questions about our app, please don’t hesitate to contact us via

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