Shopify apps to help you include gamification for your online store

Shopify apps to help you include gamification for your online store

1. VP: Spin To Win

Shopify apps to help you include gamification for your online store

Get prepared to say Good Bye to ALL normal popup, coupon or abandoned cart apps, because YOU are now granted a FREE fun and styling popup app to your store!!!

This “Spin to Win” app has a proved magic to collect your customer emails in an easy and happy way, giving your site a favorite halo effect. Unlike other popups, this “Spin to Win” app combined with your brilliant offers will sure perfect to Call to customer’s action once they enter your site, which will definitely increase your sales impressively!

This season, let your new customers try their luck and happily build a relationship with you!

How does Spin To Win works?

The Spin to Win app allows you to create and customize 12 wheel slices with different Coupon Codes very quickly and easily.

At the frontend, to enable the wheel, your customers are required to enter their email address. Then they can click to spin the wheel and win a Coupon Code.

Your customer are prone to prefer the Just-Their-Luck coupon code rather than receive it in other usual ways.

This app provides you with two main benefits: Grow your email list for future marketing activities and Increase your sales by encouraging customers to apply their given discount to shop right away.

Key features

  • Grow your email list.
  • Easy to customize the frontend
  • Enable to change text

Click here to install

2. BuzzSubs: Spin Wheel Popup

BuzzSubs Spin Wheel Popup app – great interactive popups (spin-to-win, spin-a-sale popups, jackpot popups, spin the wheel, etc.) for collecting emails, promoting sales and promoting new revenue.

The folding swivel wheel is ideal for:

  • Email set,
  • Promotions and sales offer for a limited period of time,
  • Promote new income,
  • Distribution of promotional codes, etc.

BuzzSubs Spin Wheel Popup Feature

Customize the popup on your bike to suit your business
Change the round to win a pop-up speech.
Change the popup color of the spinning wheel.
Change the rotation of the Win popup copy.
Use pre-installed event templates to increase traffic.
Set up automatic scheduling for your interactive popup
Automatically tap all of your MailChimp or Klaviyo email subscriptions.

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3. Spin Wheel & Email Pop Ups

Spinning wheel pop up to attract traders

Are you having a hard time turning visits into sales? ¯_ (ツ) _ / (

Put a smile on the faces of your customers and motivate them to buy now ◕‿◕!

The pop-up spinning wheel can instantly increase interaction with:

Turn slow sales days into exciting days with irresistible deals
Collect four times more email than classic popups for a 10% discount
Turn visitors into happy shoppers
CrazyRocket is trusted by leading e-commerce entrepreneurs and 7-digit brands.Start 2021 with a bang!

The popping wheel spun

Add battle-resistant popups to your email list.

Pop-up for scratch cards

An elegant twist to win an alternative to fashion and jewelry niches.

The slot machine pop up

The most iconic spin in a game ever … who doesn’t love slots?  

Get out of intent and popup

Finish the sale before the customer leaves with the aim of creating a powerful and powerful popup: home icon, site time, page views, scrolling.

Automatic unique coupons

Generate unique discount coupons that can only be used once.

Everything you need in one popup

Get started in no time with a pop-up with a spinning wheel, slot, and scratch-off card ready to go. Customize your logo, colors, fonts, buttons and CSS with our intuitive popup editor.

Deficiency counter
Sticker countdown banner
Coupon injection
Pop-up standby for mobile devices
The GDPR is ready
Required fields
Google compatible pop-up
Show / hide popups for specific URLs or countries.
A / B TEST: Run multiple campaigns simultaneously to find the best converting popup games
Connect popups with your email marketing service: Omnisend, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp
Real-time popup analysis

Analyze Spin Wheel traffic and performance.

Increase prices and sales inclusions

Tired of old newsletter pop-ups and cheap prices? Start spinning to win popups and grow your email list on a spinning wheel that pays off.

CrazyRocket is a must-have popup wheel for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber ​​Monday, July 4, Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest, St. Patrick, Mother’s Day, BFCM, Independence Day.

Set the wheel to turn

Spin Wheel popups are great for print on-demand (Teelaunch, Printful, Printify) and dropshipping (Oberlo, Dropified, Modalyst, Teelaunch, Spocket) businesses.

Click here to install

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